Money Guide to Financial Security

So easy 4th Graders have Mastered it!
Achieving financial security for life is not rocket science, nor does it require
the perfect investment plan. It merely takes following a smart plan with time-
tested strategies that work. The 3 simple, smart steps described in
Rich 4th
have been used successfully by people of all ages and
backgrounds to create extraordinary levels of financial success. Learn
the 3
simple, smart steps to financial security and you're a Financial Smarty!

Feel the Confidence
Saving and investing should begin at a child's birth. Students around the
world are ready to learn personal finance by the time they enter 4th grade. If
they are delayed, each year of missed savings accumulation prevents the
use of a routine, but often ignored or unfamiliar daily money transaction
that's free of charge to all investors from the world's banking and investing

This single money transaction allows you to stop saving before you reach
retirement age while your money continues to grow at its fastest pace, with
no effort on your part, while you sleep, forever. Until you transfer it to a heir
or family member. That's financial security! Its covered in thorough detail and
an amusing format in
Rich 4th Graders. Discover more smart money moves,
enjoy the rewards of financial stability and feel the confidence of being a
Financial Smarty!

Live your Dreams
Most people around the world aren’t following a retirement planning road
map. Most aren’t even preparing for retirement at all. More than 43 percent
of American workers are not currently saving for retirement, and more than
half have saved less than $25,000 to fund their golden years, according to a
recent report from the Employee Benefit Research Institute. Choose smart
options for achieving financial freedom and a stress-free retirement. Take
comfort in knowing you prepared for the most expensive decision you'll face
in your lifetime.

Rich 4th Graders is a smart money and investment guide that can help you
achieve financial independence. Download a copy to read now! TM
Are you a

You will Learn

  • Successful money moves currently used by the world’s
    richest investor, Warren Buffett
  • How your money grows exponentially for life even after
    you stop saving
  • Which money moves to put on autopilot and never
    worry about your financial future again
  • The safety net that guarantees you’ll never run out of
    money or get into debt
  • Why personal finance doesn’t have to be boring,
    complex or take years to learn
  • How these 4th graders are educating their parents on
    the right personal finance moves to make now
  • In 30 minutes what most people never learn in a lifetime
  • Mobile eBook format delivers a quick and complete
    personal finance education for the financially smart!
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You can be a Financial Smarty!                               
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The author explains how
money works. An excellent
reference book if you want to
learn about budgeting,
saving, and investing. The
book starts out in a
conversation with students in
a classroom, keep
reading.......factual and very
useful information is provided
as the chapters unfold.
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